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This bag is designed for dice but can be used to hold anything you need. E-mail link lasts 30 days. All sales on digital items are final.


  • Drawstring Kumihimo Cord, YouTube tutorial provided
  • Can be lined or unlined
  • Includes picture and video tutorials for tricky areas
  • Includes both written and chart versions
  • Comfortably holds about a pint of dice, more if unlined.
  • About 6 inches tall, 7 inches diameter inside,  and 16 inches in circumference


Uses size 1 needle, about 160 yards of worsted weight yarn.




*If you have an older version and would like an updated pattern please message me with your original order number and I will send you version 1.4


If you have Version 1 - 1.1 of the pattern, the round numbers jump from 23 to 28. This is only a numerical error and no part of the pattern is missing.


If you have Version 1-1.3 of the pattern, the following rounds have been changed only on the written version due to my editing error.


R54: Same as round 28
R55: Same as round 29
R56: Same as round 30
R57: Same as round 31
R58: Same as round 32
R59: Same as round 33
R60: Same as round 34
R61: Same as round 35
R62: Same as round 36

Felligan Dice Bag Knitting Pattern

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